Reservations & Ticketing - online, Call Center & POS

Ticketing and Season Passes
General admission, timed tickets, tours and events can all be sold and managed quickly and efficiently at the front gate, call center or online simultaneously. User interfaces are designed with the workstation environment in mind; touch-screen only, key board and mouse or a combination of both. For example, staff can check in a school group at the front gate, adjust ticket and extra item quantities, take a payment or charge to their account, print tickets and their updated invoice without touching a keyboard or mouse.

Ticket Categories

  • General admission, combo and multi-day tickets.

  • Timed ticketing for movies and add-on attractions .

  • Special events such as one-off concerts as well as recurring events like Halloween.

  • Guided tours, trolleys and buses.

Season and Annual Passes

  • Flexible solutions for Pass sales and renewals online, at the POS and call center.

  • Integration with online ticketing, registrations and events for Pass-holder discounts.

  • Individual and Family Passes. Built in CRM tools to manage customers

Online Ticketing and Reservations

  • Centaman webstore/shopping cart is a real-time extension of your onsite system, with zero transactions fees.

  • Webstore, tickets and receipts designed to closely match your website/style guide.

  • Print at home ticketing, reservations and registrations.

  • Registration information (UDFs) for each reservation/individual as well as waivers and terms can be customized by product.

Point of Sale Ticketing

  • High-speed, touch-screen user interface common across all modules (e.g. Retail/F&B POS)

  • Sales, group check in and admission control (ticket and membership validation) at POS

  • Comprehensive, customizable reporting and business analytics.

  • Fast and easy product set up using visual user interface and copy and paste function.

  • Robust security features for user access, staff discounts, cash control and loss prevention with complete auditing.

  • Local, remote and blind cash-out.

  • Integrated with Centaman CRM for tracking guest spending/discounts.

  • Calendar pricing; scheduled price changes, different day of week/holiday pricing.

Reservations and Group Sales

  • Group reservations for individuals and organizations.

  • Birthday parties, sleepovers, school groups, corporate outings and events.

  • Series bookings for classes, camps and programs.

  • Reservation calendar and quick booking process for back of house reservations.

  • Workflows based on booking type with variable rates based on customer type.

  • Registration information for each reservation/individual as well as waivers and terms can be customized by product.

  • Robust CRM to manage individuals, organizations, reservations, correspondence and documents.

Resource Management

  • Capacity management for the entire venue or individual resources.

  • Parent / child resource relationships for managing related spaces and items.

  • Flexible pricing options for resources that need to be charged by the hour, day or a fixed price with variable rates based on customer.

  • Pricing calendar to automatically manage pricing based on time of day, weekends or holidays.

Third Party Resellers

  • Secure, self-service online portal for making and managing reservations and invoices for authorized third party resellers and tour operators.

  • Traditional hard ticket consignment.

  • Central customer relationship management software (CRM).

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