ACCESS Control & Ticket Validation

Security against fraud, critical attendance data and controlling the flow of guests are key benefits of admission control. Tickets, memberships and season passes can be scanned and validated using Centaman TMS (Ticket Management System) using a variety of hardware options. Depending on the size, type and requirements of your attraction, admission control can be separated from sales to provide a two step admission process and/or combined with Ticketing Point of Sale. Separating admission control from point of sale provides significant guest benefits as well as added security especially when used to validate season passes, memberships and print at home tickets.

Access Control at Point of Sale (POS)

Fixed POS devices can be used to scan and validate online tickets, memberships and season passes to and record attendance. Tickets sold at the POS are automatically added to attendance data. Group check in is also managed via POS.

Mobile POS devices can be used to provide admission control, group check in and full POS functionality at remote locations.

Wireless hand held scanners running Centaman MobiCHECK can validate tickets, passes and memberships in real-time and display guest photographs for added security.
 Fixed Scanning Stations

Custom solutions are available for fixed wall or floor mounted scanning.

Turnstiles and Swing Gates

Centaman has a wide range of entry control devices, additionally our software can work in virtually any turnstile and swing gate, providing our customers with the flexibility to choose hardware that matches their aesthetics and budget. Additionally our award winning people counting solution provides an innovative,  discreet and effective way of electronically counting guests as they exit the property and provides a real-time, in-venue attendance count. Cameras can be configured to track entrance and exit flows and can be installed in gift shops, attractions and exhibits to provide conversion and utilization metrics.

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