Memberships, Development and CRM

Flexible solutions for individual, family and corporate memberships with sales and renewals online, at the POS and back of house. Integration with online ticketing, registrations and events.

Key Features

  • Create and manage multiple membership levels and benefits.

  • Capture and store member photos which can be displayed by Centaman’s admission control software at the POS, hand-held scanners and full-screen scanning stations. Build detailed, customized member profiles including interests and track relationships with other organizations.

  • High-speed member card processing options with or without card printers.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Built in CRM is integrated with all relevant Centaman modules to manage and built relationships with members and organizations.

  • Tightly controlled access rights to maintain data security and integrity.

  • Accurately record and view member and guest visits as well as donations, purchases, and discounts.

  • Track inbound and outbound correspondence as well as attendance at programs and events.

  • Create detailed family profiles which can be managed online by parents including critical registration information for children attending programs and summer camps.

  • Easily create and export lists, for example expiring memberships for e-marketing.

  • Automatically update exported records with details of correspondence.

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