Education Programs, Functions & Events


  • Registrations for education programs, sleepovers, classes, day camps and outreach programs.

  • Private functions for individuals and organizations.

  • Reservation calendar and quick booking process for back of house registrations.

  • Workflows based on booking type with variable rates based on customer/member.

  • Registration information (including user defined custom field's) for individuals, as well as waivers and terms can be customized by program.

  • Robust CRM to manage individuals, organizations, registrations, correspondence and documents.

Resource Management

  • Capacity management for the entire venue or individual resources.

  • Parent / child resource relationships for managing related spaces and items.

  • Flexible pricing options for resources that need to be charged by the hour, day or a fixed price with variable rates based on customer.

  • Pricing calendar to automatically manage pricing based on time of day, weekends or holidays.

Online Registrations

  • Centaman registration pages are a real-time extension of your onsite system, with zero transactions fees.

  • Designed to closely match your website/style guide.

  • Registration information (UDFs) for each registration/individual as well as waivers and terms can be customized by program.

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